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Letter to the editor: Climate change


Phil, I respectfully disagree with you about your assessment of climate change. I don’t care what the 1800’s numbers are at all so that doesn’t matter. Also, I agree that climate change has and will happen, also before humankind had any effect. But to think that human activity has nothing to do with climate change today is hiding your head in the sand. We DO KNOW of the increase in harmful gasses put into the atmosphere by human activity in the last 100 years. According to you, we should do nothing to try and mitigate the problem. Just go on with what we are doing and don’t worry about it because we cannot do anything about it. We should view ourselves as stewards of the planet and do all we can to preserve it for future generations. We don’t know for sure if we can help the situation but we should at least try. It can’t hurt and probably will help. And, regarding changes from gas to electric, this will be gradual, but will eventually happen if we don’t blow ourselves up. In 100 years one might look at using a gas powered vehicle as we would today of using a horse and cart to go from Quincy to Oroville. Phil, change is coming, embrace it.


Dan Hopkins



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