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Letter to the Editor: Cline has shared that information

This is a response to Paul Cavanaugh, who, apparently, believes he knows my motives and background for supporting Dwight Cline. Or, as he very nicely put it, I’m “clueless.”

Paul, have you attended any of Dwight’s meet & greets? There have been many, and at least one in every area. You could’ve asked all your questions at one of those meetings, instead of posting a letter full of false information on the internet. Dwight has been very open to answer any question posed at these meetings, and there has been great discussion! There have also been Women’s League forums where you can ask questions, as well.

Regarding your statement that I have no evidence for my claims, that is entirely untrue. I’m married to a current deputy and I have strong evidence that the majority support Dwight. Many of them do not want to speak out because if Johns wins, what happens then? You seem completely oblivious to the fact that most people want to keep their jobs, and they don’t want to mix politics with work. That is completely fine in my book. I’m not an employee of PCSO, so I have the freedom to post on Facebook and Plumas News without blowback.

Dwight has shared his views on recruitment, retention, staff morale, staff support, disaster response, volunteer programs, staff pay, budgets, and so much more in the Meet & Greets and in the public forums, as well as on his website. You can also just message him and talk to him directly. I’ve talked to Dwight quite extensively on many topics and he’s satisfied my questions. I know his goals and objectives for the department and I believe they are right on track (especially regarding recruitment).

For those reading this, I encourage you to talk to a local PCSO employee and learn more about the internal workings of the department. Many will be glad to share their thoughts and opinions, outside of working hours of course. This Sheriff election is so very important and vital to the health and safety of our county.

Jennie Mathews

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