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Letter to the Editor: Cline will take a balance approach to the role of Sheriff

Dwight Cline is leader we can all count on. Through his numerous years in law enforcement Dwight has learned what works and doesn’t work when leading an agency. He will take a balanced approach working with the chain of command of the department. Rather than making snap decisions and then over correcting Dwight has proven to be a calm leader that gathers all the facts before making any decision. His trusted leadership is why many employees at the office asked him to come back and run for Sheriff.

Unfortunately the trust with the current administration has been fractured. From broken promises, questionable promotions, pending lawsuits and an extreme lack of communication from the top down morale at the office is at an all time low. The public may wonder why that should matter to them. Well with the critical low staffing we already have many are questioning just how much more they can take. Unless a change of course happens soon many more employees will be leaving the department and that creates a public safety issue that everyone will feel.

This workforce fatigue is not just from COVID and the recent fires. While the past few years have been hard the lack of true leadership, communication, and accountability from the current administration has compounded the issues. As a result general dissatisfaction with the job has spread like a cancer throughout every level of the Sheriffs Office.

Do as I say not as I do has been a demoralizing practice of the current sheriff. From advising staff to remain in the county during COVID while he left. Then telling one area in the county they couldn’t enter an evacuation zone and then allowing makeshift passes in another area. All of this creates confusion and frustration with the employees who suffer the most with this type of practice.

So how do we move forward? This county is hemorrhaging and we need trusted leaders on our road to recovery. Dwight Cline is trusted by the employees and more than capable to step in and turn things around. Vote with me, vote with the majority of the employees at the sheriffs office and VOTE FOR DWIGHT CLINE FOR PLUMAS COUNTY SHERIFF!

Felicity Pinfield Monte
Twain, Ca

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