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Letter to the Editor: Clown World


An impromptu response to the person who’se never heard of CRT. He’s actually correct, but as usual for all the wrong reasons. Below is the bigger picture to CRT, moral relativism, etc..

While they were telling us to “duck and cover”, and “The Russians are coming”, the real International Communists were immigrating legally to America, they were already here! They took employ in all areas including academia. The Frankfurt School was one brewing vat that produced these Bolsheviks with the intent of deploying them abroad to destroy the normal family structure of their targeted Christian White Nations.

For decades, America, Europe and the Crown countries have been the subjects of what ex KGB asset Yuri Bezmenov terms Idealogical Subversion. This is slowly applied to the target country in four phases.

Demoralization (15-50 years)- push Marxism and criticize American and normal family values. After a few generations, many victims are unable to assess true information. America has already passed this stage. Antifa, Democrats, many Republicans exemplify this effect of demoralized charachter. The average person stands with no principles either, as the Romans said “they care about the pebble in their shoe”, i.e., they want comfort, and care less about worldly matters.

The second stage is Destabilation (2-5 years). In this stage, the target country shows the effects in its cultural demoralization in its economy, foriegn relations and defense systems. How coincidental that Mumblin’ Joe’s regime is about to enter WW 3, and that our economy only survives if they borrow a trillion a month. And that America has been made the enemy of the world, as American soldiers’ lives have been taken in foriegn wars of aggression. We’re in or past this stage.

Third stage is Crisis (3-4 weeks). The Covid situation and today’s possible war put The Western World at the doorstep, as the clock goes Tikky Tokky. DANGER YOU ARE HERE. The truckers are ready to go to DC. Will there be a false flag? Is this Crisis?

Fourth stage is Normalization, which means capitulation to the new paradigm. If Americans don’t get it together, they’ll allow these International Communists to win. At this point, America deserves what it gets IMO. The good people go to the Gulags, like the Uyghurs and Tibetans to the re-education camps in Communist China.

The Russians came, but it wasn’t the average Sergei, it was the International Communist intellectuals who now have Johnny dressed like Jeannie and espouse anything that’s destructive to a normal society. It’s Clown World! Just makin’ the last victory lap in the toilet, before going bbblooop. Thanks to grown up, educated people deciding to be brats in a sandbox, instead of real men and women.

To hear a song about this, listen to Tom MacDonald’s “Clown World”. Really says it like it is.

Robert Milne
Clio-wn World

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