Letter to the Editor: COVID Doug

I’d like to echo Geraldine Freeman’s recent letter concerning Congressman Doug Lamalfa’s refusal to wear a mask in the recent Capitol Attack when sheltered with his colleagues.  I presume the Congressman has never seen someone die from air hunger on a ventilator. I can assure you it is not a pleasant sight, slow painful, frightening drowning might be the closest analogy.  His lack of respect for other human beings is egregious and immoral.  Note that some of his colleagues have serious intercurrent illnesses including breast cancer and leukemia to name a few.  Would he do this to his family members? I hope not.  His behavior brings to mind the infamous case of Typhoid Mary, the cook who spread the deadly bacteria in 1906.  Perhaps a better monniker for our representative might be COVID Doug, he certainly has earned  it.

Robert Knight, M.D.