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Letter to the Editor: Democracy in peril

This is a letter I wrote in March but never sent it in. Now is the time.

This is a shoutout to all the Trump voters in our country and nation. In a Democracy the people pick the leaders. In an Autocracy the leaders pick the leaders. Donald Trump has once again showed us who he is. He is an autocratic leader (would be dictator) who does not care one bit about America or any of the people who live here including his own voters. He only cares about himself. In a rally in Texas, he told us his true feelings. He said, as he always does, that the election was stolen from him (a total lie — it is Mr. Trump who was trying to steal the election) and that Mike Pence had the authority to “overturn the election” and should have exercised that authority. And there you have it. Trump would be OK with one man making the decision on who would be President, NOT the roughly 153 million voters who voted (remember 80 million for Biden and 73 million for Trump, a roughly 7 million majority for Biden). Donald Trump has been nothing  but a corrupt liar from the first day of his Presidency (remember Sean Spicer in his first press conference — day one — stating that Trump’s inauguration was the largest ever, a total lie) to today where he continues to lie that he won the election. Make no mistake about it, Trump tried everything in his power to pull off a coup to stay in power. Everything from lawsuits which he lost, to having seven states send in fraudulent electors, to trying to seize voting machines, to pressuring state officials himself (remember his call on tape to the Secretary of State of Georgia), to orchestrating the attack on our Capitol (where he was wishing that several members of Congress — or even Mike Pence — would be hurt or killed to put a stop to the certification of Joe Biden). He even watched the attack on TV from the White House for over three hours before calling for help (he wanted to allow the attackers time to find members of Congress) and besides he was enjoying watching “his people” fight for him. Should he ever get in power again our Democratic Experiment would be over and we might never get it back.

Dan Hopkins


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