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Letter to the Editor: Democrats do your part

This is to all the registered Democrats and other levelheaded voters. The cancer on the American democracy, the Republican Party, has initiated a recall of Governor Newsom. The ballots are in the mail and it is imperative that every single Democrat votes NO on the recall of Governor Newsom.

It would be a disaster for our state and our country if a Republican became governor. A state governor has tremendous power and can do either great good or great harm to a state. They have control of our National Guard and they also appoint legislators should one become vacant. Senator Feinstein is 88 years old, and heaven forbid dies in office, a Republican would be appointed to the Senate and the US Senate majority goes to the Republicans.

Just look at Florida and Texas and all the other right-wing controlled states. They are outlawing mask mandates, advocating against vaccines, and threatening to defund the schools if they defy the mask mandates. The policies of Republican state governors are killing children. Their hospitals are inundated with children infected with COVID-19 and filling up hospital ICU wards. They are doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

These governors apparently think that the more people they allow to die, including children, the better chance they could become President. Just look at what the former president did. He allowed 600,000+ Americans to die needlessly. The Republican Party has become a death cult. How else can you look at these facts and come up with a different conclusion? You want this for California?

The citizen Republican comes out and votes for every election. The Democratic voters and other levelheaded voters must vote to stop this recall of Governor Newsom or we will lose California. These Republicans are out to destroy our constitutional government and our country (witness January 6, 2021). We have to stop them.

A ballot will be mailed to every registered voter. It will take no more than 10 minutes to fill out. Open the envelope, read the instructions, and vote NO on the single question ‘should Governor Newsom be recalled?’ and either mail it in or go to the elections office in Quincy and drop it off in person.

Plumas County has 4,062 registered Democrats and we have to do our part. Democrats better vote or we will lose not only California but the country as well.

Mark Mihevc



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