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Letter to the Editor: Despicable

“Mammon!” Is this what radicals got from the Sermon on the Mount?

It’s beginning to make sense… how Republicans saddled us with Marjorie Taylor Greene, and are still managing to defend her behavior.

Democrats are all about the mammon, are they? Everyone, Democrats, and Republicans alike, who believe in democracy, are ignorantly, striving under false societal constructs and the illusion of Liberal democracy, I suppose. The “Cathedral,” perhaps, and all that? Everyone except whoever agrees with “Moldbug” Yarvin, NRx, and Peter Thiel? Why am I not surprised Bannon and Trump lurk here too, on the periphery of these dark recesses? Too “cool.” “Mammon,” that is rich. Hard to tell which vein of radical hypocrisy folks are into. I wouldn’t know. Normally, I’d be curious. Turns me off, when a “philosophy,” a group, a sub-group, or someone, blames everyone except themselves for everything wrong in the world, and assumes the rest of us are morons and jerks.

No meek, no peacemakers, no mercy?

I like original Jesus better. Evangelical Marvel Villain Jesus is too slick. Real Christians don’t worship Trump as a side thing. The Father, The New Enhanced Son, the Holy White Race, and Donald? Naw.

St. Marge told a group of enthusiastic radical Catholics, and us, that Satan is “controlling the church, the church is not doing its job, and it’s not adhering to the teachings of Christ. And, it’s not adhering to what the word of God says we’re supposed to do, and how we’re supposed to live. And what they’re doing (the church and Christians) by saying, ‘Ooooh, we have to love these people by taking care of migrants, and love one another,” Marjorie says, “means, completely perverting what our constitution says. It means taking unreal advantage of the American taxpayer, it means pushing a globalist policy, it means forcing America to become something that we are not supposed to be.”

Not just wrong, it’s despicable. Jesus wasn’t just sayin’ “Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn thou not away.” — Matthew 5:42, KJV, in the Sermon on the Mount. And, if you aren’t all that moved when Jesus illuminates and expands on the Word of God, the rest of the Bible is specific on this point. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” — Luke 10:27, KJV, is everywhere in the Bible, and so is the instruction to welcome strangers as your own family (Leviticus 19:34.) I won’t list every Bible reference to “love one another;” we’d be here all day. It’s pretty basic, for Christians.

Do extremists expect to reinvent Jesus and the Bible, along with everything else? “Borders, Language and Culture,” isn’t that catchy. Besides being the antithesis of morals and everything Jesus taught. Whatever you want to think, it’s up to you, this is America, as we keep reminding the Right — but do we have to explain to Christians that Jesus wasn’t prejudiced?

Radicals wouldn’t dream of removing the beam from their own eye to gain a clear view of reality, or see the needs and concerns of others, or for one second before criticizing people who disagree. God love ‘em, and Jesus instructs each member of his church to love them too, regardless what they believe. It is easy, however, for the non-extremist majority in our country, to see how arrogant radicalized Evangelicals and Republicans have become. Or whatever Democrat-hating ego-identity people claim, or don’t claim to be, when they believe as Christians they are exempt from Jesus’ command to love one another and everybody else.

We have a Republican Party who have decided “real America” is about white men in charge. They’re on board with democracy only so long as they can prevent multiracial pluralism. Via obstruction, lies, gerrymandering, and racist voting laws. Why else would Barak Obama, a moderate, who rescued the economy, have caused them to release the Trump Kraken, followed by the Trump effort to steal the 2020 election. Again with the Kraken. Hopefully, we all know by now, in the legend, the Kraken loses. Vote to keep radicalized politics out of our local and national democracy.

Helene Day


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