Letter to the Editor: Dismayed that he wasn’t appointed

Regarding the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on January 5, 2021, I was surprised and dismayed that Paul Russell, who was hired in 2009 as the Assistant Director of the Plumas County Museum, was not immediately confirmed as the Director.  As a former manager myself, and knowing Paul as I do, I would have leapt at the opportunity to fill the job with someone of his caliber and personal integrity.

I can’t help but think back to the 2007–2009 timeframe when I volunteered at the Museum to sort out the voluminous book inventory that needed attention.  We eventually installed a point-of-sale system to facilitate the inventory process as well as sales and other transactions.  Subsequently, Paul Russell came aboard as the Assistant Director.  He immediately recognized the value of what we had begun, educated himself quickly, and managed the transition of other aspects of the museum’s operations to the new system.

Although I had not previously known Paul, it was obvious he fully understood museum operations, he was a self-starter and, when he saw things that needed to be done, they got done.  I remember thinking at the time, YES! – the future of the museum is in good hands:  here we have a fully credentialed individual with management skills and the ability to lead the organization.  Unfortunately, subsequent financial hardships befell the County and things did not move along as we had expected.  Nonetheless, Paul has remained with the museum organization over the years and it is very clear that the museum is still his number one professional priority.

From my perspective, it seems to me Paul Russell should immediately be confirmed as the Museum Director.  I know he will provide the dedicated leadership necessary to move into the future.


T. F. Ball
Quincy, CA