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Letter to the Editor: Does seem glaringly wrong

It does seem glaringly wrong, if not illegal for Plumas County citizens to not be able to attend public meetings and weigh in with their opinions and perspectives on the issues at hand in a way which protects us from the threat of infection, and the threat of spreading infection during this pandemic.

I do not understand how my representatives can represent me or the populace at large if there is not a safe way in which to be heard. I personally am completely against the mine in Portola. For what I consider solid reasoning, I feel mining is the wrong direction for our county as we forge into new directions of income and industry. Yet so far this email is the only safe avenue in which my voice can be heard on this issue. (Attending a meeting not an option for me as I have a condition in which wearing a mask for long periods of time is not safe).

If decisions are being made without the input from Plumas citizens… where does that leave us? I am assuming the foundation for county decisions is based on all voices being heard.

I am a lodging provider in town here at Ada’s Place, and we are required to abide by many laws during COVID-19: who we can accept as guests (essential workers only), protocols for cleaning, protocols for interacting with guests etc. All of this has taken a toll on our business.

It seems that while those businesses and citizens that are doing all they can with great effort and expense to move through this difficult time legally, Plumas County could go through the necessary motions to make meetings safely publicly available.

It is my hope we are all doing our best. I am concerned that there have been 10 months worth of meetings and potentially decisions happening without the opportunity for Plumas Citizens to be heard.

Corinne West


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