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Letter to the Editor: Don’t change horses in midstream

I’ve carefully read the web pages of the candidates for Sheriff, googled their names, attended forums, listened to their radio talks, read their newspaper interviews, read all (yes all!) of the letters to the editor, and I am where I started before I did all that: not willing to change horses in midstream and make no bones about it we are still in midstream.

I hope our county never has to live through the horrors of the last two years, but if the bad times come again, Sheriff Johns has the experience to deal with it. Some think he is paying too much attention to Greenville, but think about it. If your family has four kids and one is sick, which one gets the most attention so the whole family can be well again? Todd Johns has done his job under horrific circumstances and will continue to do the job. Don’t change horses in midstream, vote for Todd Johns for sheriff. I did.

Brenda Lantow


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