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Letter to the Editor: Don’t make another mistake

I have made many mistakes in my time. Just ask my wife. As a nation we cannot make another mistake. On president Trump’s inauguration day we knew he had paid $25 million on a fraud case called Trump University, scammed working people, cheated his own foundation, had five children by three wives, two of which were immigrants and one of those used chained migration to get her parents into our country. He had gone bankrupt 5 times. He paid off a porn star with campaign money. This is not an honorable man.

Now we know so much more. He positioned many lobbyist (aka alligators) in important cabinet positions, lied 1000s of times, and simply made stuff up. He and his sycophants are responsible for the severity of the national Covid 19 pandemic, the associated deaths, and economic carnage (maybe your job or your business). He has given us an unimaginable debt that the Republicans used to whine about. He said he would build a wall and have Mexico pay for it (feel like a sucker yet). Said he knew all the best people and in his first 4 years he has had 8 associates indicted, (despite his most recent attorney general is as corrupt as him) convicted, or jailed as well as innumerable resignations (go ahead count them). I will not mention his income tax manipulations. His presidential executive order to eliminate the payroll tax will spell the end of Social Security within this decade. THIS IS BAD! And everyday chaos is what he thrives on.

This election, we have learned that a competent president who cares about the people he governs is important. For instance if you want Social Security and Medicare for America’s elders who have worked hard and paid for these programs all their lives please think about your vote… and vote.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA

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