Letter to the Editor: Drain the swamp – how did that work out?

Most recently in Henderson, NV, a boisterous crowd was loudly chanting to show their support for the president. The chant was modified from 2016, but nonetheless, it prompted these questions: what was chanted then and how did that work out?

One common refrain was: “Drain the Swamp.” The saying itself dates back more than a century; it refers to the actual swamp that D.C. is built upon, but came to mean get rid of the murky waters that hide the alligators, or swamp rats, who symbolize corruption.

As it turns out, the murky waters taken from D.C. were transported to President Trump’s private resorts and golf courses to help “greenify” his businesses.  There is a cottage rental for Secret Service personnel and golf cart rental in N.J. There are rooms rented in N.Y. and at Mar-a-Lago. Vice President Pence, family members, staffers, and protectors, stayed at a Trump resort in Ireland, but had to fly most of the way across the country to attend meetings. The Trump resort in Scotland is conveniently close to a refueling and rest station for Air Force flights between the Middle East and bases in the U.S. I’ve read that, at least, personnel can enjoy free golf during their stay in Scotland. So, there is one fringe benefit.

Gene Nielsen

Crescent Mills