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Letter to the Editor: Election work well done

Regardless of how our candidates did in this election, there is something on which we should all be able to come together. That is to give a rousing round of praise and thanks to our election officials.

On the evening of November 3, a small group gathered in the Supervisors Chambers at the county courthouse to view the processing and counting of the ballots. We were definitely not in agreement as to those we supported, yet as we watched and waited, we spoke with one another in friendship and with civility, inquired about each other’s families, and talked about the communities that we share. At the same time, we privately hoped for the success of our own candidates and the failure of theirs. And, yet, we all gathered for a common purpose: to keep our democracy alive.

But, rising above any differences there might have been in the room were the election workers. The ones we watched, our own Sierra County people — Heather, Melissa, Teia, Ann, Crystal, Sara — represent for us all their colleagues across our state and our nation. All of them have been professionally and faithfully doing their duty, even while the current occupant of the White House questions their integrity and denigrates their work. They have not shied from their tasks, even though the so-called “leader” of our country has attempted to incite terrorism against them.

And so, for our part, we thank each and all of them — Heather, Melissa, Teia, Ann, Crystal, Sara, and all the others across our nation — for their faithful efforts. We praise them for their dedication. We honor them for their commitment to our democracy.

Linda and Paul Guffin

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