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Letter to the Editor: Erosion Control

Business, family and personal responsibility has me busy and traveling to and from my home in Plumas County, my business in Sonoma County and the Family Ranch in Mendocino County. Home and business were obviously personal choices of hard work and sacrifice. The family Ranch was a inherited responsibility that I have grown to love, understand and appreciate its importance to family values both young and old.

In my travels to and from over these last 21yrs, Plumas County has been home, as I wind my way down the grade into the Mohawk Valley I always feel a sense of anxiety lifted and it’s good to be home. Some say ” home is where the heart is” that maybe true but home is also knowing you’ll drive past several cars on your way into town knowing who’s inside and waving, getting a smile and a wave back. Home is knowing when you call 911 it most likely is someone you know as the First Responder. Home is knowing there are only three stop lights in the County. (might be four) Home is helping your neighbor move snow and vice versa. Home is having dinner at a local restaurant and always seeing someone you know.

I can go on but here’s my point, in my travels over these 21yrs that sense of home is eroding. My guess is many of you feel and see the erosion too? It didn’t happen over night, it’s not because of one single event, (don’t blame the pandemic) so what is it that’s changed? Have we created our own border walls and simply moved behind them?

Apathy, complacency, come to mind. Ever hear “we don’t discuss politics or religion” at the dinner table before? Here’s a good one, ever get political emails from a friend that are only sent to like minded individuals? My point is walls go up and our sense of home erodes. It’s time to rethink the importance “home” and our “rural life”. How are we going to hand off a better life to future generations?

We all need some soul searching not only for a better life here in Plumas County but for a better personal life. Get involved, donate some time, have a respectful discussion on politics, discuss religion at the dinner table with family, understand our history don’t cancel it! And turn off the TV!! Wave to the CHP on Hwy 70 as well as our Deputy Sheriffs. And for heavens sake, if you’re a Grandparent take the time to read a book to your grandchild.

My daughters always say I’m to political in my views….. more to come

Jim Judd


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