Letter to the Editor: Feeling the frustration

Conditions … very smoky, winds are calm. No sign of thunderstorms today thus far. A very good sign.

As I write I am sitting in Way Station having a well deserved drink after a very frustrating day dealing with the American disaster relief bureaucracy … <Please add two or more appropriate expletives>

All the higher higher ups got spooked when the winds came up yesterday, and especially when their backfire backfired. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.

I do want to extend my appreciation to Sheriff Todd Johns, who is doing a superhuman job of managing this unmanageable situation. Problems are not his fault. The problems are further up the food chain, and are really systemic, not personal. Every single person I have met is doing their very best. Many thanks to them all.

The “glass half full” side of me says everything is OK and getting better. But right now, my Glass is more than half empty, and I need to order another.

Ken KD Donnell