Letter to the Editor: First year in office

Last November, the American people voted overwhelmingly to remove the most anti-American, corrupt, and treasonous president ever to occupy the presidency. President Biden and the Democrats took control of our government (however slim) and the results of President Biden’s first year are phenomenal.

President Biden’s first day executive orders include stopping the withdrawal from the World Health Organization, extended the eviction moratorium, stopped the ridiculous boarder wall, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, and stopped Canada’s Keystone XL Pipeline in America. Only an idiot would withdraw from the WHO and the Paris Climate Accord.

The Biden Administration addressed the unmitigated COVID pandemic and used taxpayer funds to provided vaccines (all courses) to every American. Most sane Americans now are vaccinated but COVID remains a deadly serious virus because of the un-vaccinated and unmasked idiots.

The American Rescue Plan provided cash to Americans, provided child tax credits that resulted in child poverty reduced by 50%, state and local fiscal assistance, business assistance, renters assistance, and funds for broadband. All Republicans voted nay on this bill – shouldn’t they all refuse to use these funds and programs including our Supervisors? The infrastructure bill also passed – something the last president was unable to do.


President Biden successfully ended our occupation in Afghanistan despite having to use the Trump negotiated surrender document. The withdrawal was on time with only a suicide-bomber causing deaths. Fewer than 100-200 Americans remain because they choose to stay for whatever reason. It’s beyond me why the media chastised Biden on this – what do you expect from a war zone?

The American economy is red hot. Americans have money and are spending it. The Biden Administration oversaw the creation of over 6 million jobs, or 500,000 jobs created per month. Yet the news media hammered Biden on the trumped-up low employment rate that all proved to be extremely inaccurate. The Trump Administration actually had negative job growth losing over 3 million jobs. The current unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9% – the fastest year-to-date decline in unemployment on record.

Then there was the supply chain problem, the unstock store shelves, and inflation. What do you expect when our own government tells corporations to move 60,000+ factories (since mid-1990’s) overseas, and the ten’s of millions of American losing their high paying jobs?

Inflation is a worldwide phenomena caused by a once in a century pandemic. Remember, only the corporation/business raises consumer prices – not a president. All corporations are doing is gouging Americans in the stores and at the gas pump.


These are astonishing accomplishments for any president but are typical of Democratic presidents and Democratic controlled Congress. Apparently thou, having a job with increased wages, peace in Afghanistan, actual COVID mitigation, and respect from our allies are not what certain people want. Anybody care to write why they prefer a Republican president and Congress?

Mark Mihevc