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Letter to the Editor: Forehead slapper

To: D.H., Trump Lies, there is a forehead slapper. Show me any politician that is always truthful.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much. (Note: not an exact Shakespearean quote). You spent the time and effort to pound out 441 words for naught. Take a deep breath and reread my letter. I begin with the issue that a writer took a phrase out of context and used it to convince the reader of a claim that did not exist. But you did not address that issue in your writing effort.

You will note that I show no support for Trump in my letter. I did support the right of every American to express their view without fear of retribution. And that is not something that the tone of your letter seems to support. You only mention it in one sentence where you agree with me completely. Thank you for that.

Now consider when freedom of speech (FOS) is limited in America. You are not allowed FOS when, 1) inciting a panic, 2) lying in court or to a police officer, etc., 3) threatening physical harm or death, 4) at or using a business, 5) one uses their FOS, to threaten the security of the state (USA) or the relations of the state to a foreign state., 6) violating a societies decency or morality, 7) showing contempt of court, 8) making any statement that injures the reputation of another, indicating someone is something they are not or did something they did not. This is known as slander if you say it and libel if you write it. I am sure the list is longer. My point being that your freedom of speech has limitations.

So, for those still hanging in there let’s take a quick look at DH’s letter.

I never said anything about fraud in the last presidential election. Yet you make the claim that that is “my problem number 1”. You claim that I absolutely believe there was fraud. I never addressed the issue of fraud in the election. You even felt the need to school me in the rules of evidence in court. You accuse me of abandoning the country. Reread my letter. That topic is not even presented by me.

I challenge you to quote where those ideas are even proposed in my letter. You did not get those ideas from my letter and a statement like that shows you do not even know me. Consider for a moment that you are putting words and ideas into my letter that where never there and are not true. You have described me in a fashion that could damage my reputation let alone yours. Can you spell libel? That is not a threat, but I am asking you to be more careful and considerate when attacking a stranger especially in print.

Hope you are having a nicer day today. Chill out, relax, love, have peace, be not dismayed knowing that God is in control.

Phillip Shafer
Quincy, CA

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