Letter to the Editor: Frog Soup


The proverbial slow cooked frog soup seems to be simmering within our communities throughout the world.  Thankfully there are also populations rising out of the lockdown-mandate saga, asking key questions about the entire Covid narrative, and then some.  This inspiring movement is growing rapidly, stretching across the planet, as people wake up to our global predicament.  

That predicament just got very real here in the U.S.A.  The Department of Homeland Security issued a recent bulletin on domestic terrorism.  In a nutshell, if you choose to say anything regarding any official governmental narrative or policy  that pushes against such positions, you will be deemed accountable as a domestic terrorist and treated as such.  If you are asking  ‘wrong’ questions, or stating  ‘wrong’ information or opinion, you are now considered a threat to national security, your community and your family.

My heart is so very heavy, with this new reality we are living within our Constitutional Republic.  Because I traveled a good bit as a youngster, I came to value our particular and unique privileges living here in a democracy where the rule of law actually counted.  I saw first hand how it isn’t so in some other countries.  But I also became complacent, knowing really bad stuff was occurring here and in the world, and yet I just figured, that is out of my meager hands, and someone wise and sane will get it figured out and protect us, because we live in a democracy, right?

My parents gave me a profound base for developing the willingness to always ask questions, regardless of knowing the outcome.  They taught me that truth is often not very comfortable.  But if we can’t freely explore our minds, talk in depth with others about our thoughts and ideas, and sometimes express those ideas quite publicly, like I am doing right here, then life takes on a very dull shade of constant gray.  The freedom seeker in me is hard driving, and does not like to be bullied for thinking how I want to think.  I try to take care in how I express, being reasonably aware of my impact, and doing my best to be a productive part of society even if I ask tough questions sometimes.  But to presume I am dangerous for asking questions or having thoughts that do not match the government’s version of truth is so out of alignment with the country I thought I grew up in, that I am still in shock over this DHS bulletin.


Ever since the events of ‘911’ our civil rights and liberties have slowly been eroding.  If you are still presuming we live in the home of the brave or land of the free, take another hard look at reality.  There is a pervasive fear among us, and the censorship of the past couple of years is truly unprecedented and has resulted in so many either cowering, staying silent to protect their jobs, or just giving up to the constant pressure.  Then there are those that don’t even realize it is happening because they are tuned in to what is not being censored.  I ask, what will it take to stand up and not ask, not beg, but simply act on the freedoms our forefathers carefully protected for us, at least until now, reasonably well?   We are only ‘safe’ and have future opportunities to cultivate the life we choose, if we have the freedom to do so.  That freedom is at serious threat right here in our every day lives.  Think about this.  All it takes is the topic of conversation to change and you might be on the wrong side of the official narrative.  Is that how you want to live?

I see no logical end to this power grab by our government.  I haven’t seen them give back power once they have it.  Please go inside your own heart and ask how you want to live and participate within your family, your community.  Are you really willing to tell your child or grandchild they are not allowed to ask this, or think that?  If you want them to have the freedom to think on their own, it is time to take a firm stand to protect the freedoms that you love and perhaps take for granted.  Otherwise we will all end up in that frog soup slowly lulled to sleep by the illusion of safety, and comforts that we perceive, but are no longer real.  Courage is a decision.  It’s time to decide.

Jen Terhune