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Letter to the Editor: Get out there and vote

Some of you may have been following my letters from the beginning where I thanked Tommy Miles the station manager, of KQNY 91.9 FM, Plumas Community Radio, for hosting incumbent Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns and challenger Dwight Cline on his show Community Matters. Since then, he has aired another episode where both men had an opportunity to rebut the other and offer any further information that they wished. Again, this episode is worth a listen.

In my original letter I commented that I had questions to why the employees were not going through the proper channels to address their concerns regarding morale/hiring/promotional practices. Cassie Lavely, an employee at the Sheriff’s Department, responded and explained employees had indeed done just that to address their issues, but there were still some issues with morale and retaliation amongst coworkers. She then encouraged me to faithfully follow her lead in voting for Dwight Cline. I replied by asking how specifically Dwight Cline would address morale issues and retaliation, as she saw it, that would differ from Sheriff Johns (I’m not blindly voting for someone). She has not replied to this question yet. I’m not really surprised, as it has come to my attention that Cassie Lavely is not just an employee, but also working on the campaign team for challenger Dwight Cline.  She has listed his upcoming events on Quincy Classified, social media, etc. It’s pretty clear, she is an active participant.

Now, there are some rules regarding political activity listed in the Personnel Rules of Plumas County Employee Handbook. Here is what is listed: “No officer or employee shall engage in political activity during working hours, or on County premises, unless the Board has specifically opened those premises for political activity by the public.”  I’m not saying that she is acting inappropriately, as I do think the County will address this if she is/was, but it does draw into question any comments made of “retaliation” by coworkers in the last two months.  When coworkers see someone (and maybe others as she suggests) actively campaigning against their boss, AKA Sheriff Johns, there might be a little backlash in the office from those who don’t condone it. It also brings into question the idea of there being some promises made for her (and others) support and campaign efforts, which I imagine is really frowned upon by the County.

Further, I have since read another “letter to the editor” where a gentleman exclaims to vote for a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF! I don’t know if Dwight Cline is as this gentleman states, but let me tell you, I have an issue with a Sheriff not following the laws on the books, and I’m not willing to chance it. This “constitutional sheriff” idea can lead to all kinds of lawsuits for the County. The last thing I want is for my tax dollars to go towards defending a wayward Sheriff’s Department. I can think of a lot better uses for my money such as broadband expansion, or sidewalks, or schools, you name it before that.


Now get out there and vote people!

Kathy Wickman

Quincy, CA.


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