Letter to the Editor: Gettin’ the shot

Holy Frijole, Sierra County just got another dose of Radical Socialism! I went over to Loyalton (that bastion of communism) and got my free flu shot.  There were several other seniors there, some first responders, and health care workers receiving their Socialist vaccine.  I did not see anyone paying for this; just coming in, gettin shot, then leaving.  Facinating.

The heroic medical workers doing this were friendly, efficient, and thorough.  But, those workers were required to follow those dang regulations like putting the pointy end of the needle in first.  Oh, and the Moderna vaccine I received was developed by the NIAID, also wacky Socialists.  I was so excited, I went home got my gun and ran around the house waving my flag.   We should use this system for all health care.

Don McKechnie