Letter to the Editor: Hagwood supports Cline for Sheriff

Former Sheriff Don Stoy recently stated that every Sheriff’s administration encounters a number of staff that are not happy with their respective Sheriff’s decisions or leadership. He was accurate in that statement.

Like former Sheriff Stoy, I too spent 31 years at the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. Similarly, where he was a twice-elected Sheriff for 8 years, I was a three-time elected Sheriff for 10 years, (third longest serving Sheriff since 1854).

I worked with, was supervised by, and later supervised both Todd Johns and Dwight Cline. Todd for nearly 30 years and Dwight for 27 years. I feel comfortable in saying I know both men very well.

I do not question either of their strong desire to be Sheriff. But, desire does not always translate into ability. During the past two years I have been contacted by current and former staff at the Sheriff’s Office from every division: patrol, dispatch, corrections, clerical and court security. There is not just a small number of unhappy staff at the Sheriff’s Office, it is the majority. That causes me great concern and it should be a source of concern to you, the reader.


Questionable hiring and promotional practices, lack of communication, double standards and draconian policy implementation are cited universally by the staff with whom I have spoken. This has culminated in a lack of trust and confidence by the staff in the current Sheriff’s administration. Once trust and confidence is lost, it is very unlikely to be restored.

The citizens of Plumas County have extended to me their trust and confidence now four times, three as Sheriff and most recently as County Supervisor. I ask that you extend that same trust and confidence to Dwight Cline as Sheriff.

Greg Hagwood