Letter to the Editor: He didn’t “provide medical care”

Justice isn’t measured by wins or losses for a political party. Justice is the administration of the law and has the quality of being fair and reasonable.

The murder of Mr. Aubery in Georgia was a case where three white good ol’ boys hunted down and killed a black man. This has been happening in America for at least 200 years. These inferior simple-minded men think it’s ‘manly’ to hunt down and kill another human being. It’s a characteristic of mental illness.

Justice was swift and fair and they were found guilty of murder. How many other murders like this happen that aren’t even considered for prosecution or even investigated? This murder was swept under the rug until a video surfaced…

The killings in Kenosha were a different story. A 17 year-old white male, armed with a military-grade weapon whose sole purpose is to kill humans, was driven by his mother from Illinois to Kenosha to ‘provide medical care’. There, this teenager killed two people and wounded another and claimed self-defense.


How can one claim self-defense when a person is the one carrying a military weapon and aggravating the situation? It is not normal and fundamentally frightening to see civilians packing military weapons in public. In self-defense, you must be left with no other option but to protect your life. This 17 year-old could have simply turned away and ran from any perceived trouble. But no, this killer shot two Americans and wounded another.

After shooting these Americans, did the killer even see if they needed medical assistance, as this was his stated reason for being there? No. The only conclusion one can draw is that this killer wanted to shoot people and was waiting for any chance to do so.

There was no justice in this case. Self-defense was not what happened here. What the outcome of this case did was give the impression to the gun nuts and right-wingers that they can carry a military weapon into public places and if anyone looks cross-eyed at them, they can shoot and kill them.

This is a fundamental trait of right-wingers and right-wing governments. There is no place for this behavior in a democratic and civilized nation.


Mark Mihevc