Letter to the Editor: Hendrickson Has the “Right Stuff”

Dear Editor,
While both candidates for County Assessor have worked in the department for the same number of years, my vote will go to Amy Hendrickson. Let me explain why.
I was impressed with Amy’s responses to questions posed at the Quincy League of Women Voters’ forum earlier this month. She was forthright, knowledgeable, and communicated clearly. She projected leadership.
It’s important that the leader of any county department knows its basic operations, ideally from having performed those operations personally. In the case of the Assessor’s office, we’re talking property appraisals. It matters to me as a taxpayer that the office is managed by someone who has the greatest experience doing residential and commercial property appraisals; Amy Hendrickson does.
Amy has her Advanced Appraisal Certificate from the state, which means that she took and passed three basic courses and two advanced courses to earn it. That demonstrates not just commitment to her career but commitment to constituents like me who want accurate valuations of their property by someone with the know-how to produce them.
Also important is the ability of a county department head to represent the department both clearly and knowledgeably when reporting to the Board of Supervisors. It was evident from her presentation style at the forum that Amy is the right person to interface with both the county supervisors and other department heads.
Amy will be a capable and confident manager of the Assessor’s office. She has the “right stuff,” and she has my vote.
Bill Martin