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Letter to the Editor: Hey Boo Boo!

The Ranger will never guess that we put our garbage into the pickanick baskets, that we put in the freezer in the garage.  On the other hand, with a keen olfactory sense, “Ursula” won’t need to be guessing.  Another factor to consider, before freezing garbage, is that a family might have a two-month supply of meat from the stock-up sale at the local supermarket: 60 lbs. of venison, a dozen ducks, some trout, or a supply of snow peas from last summer’s garden. Would they really want to put some banana peels, avocado pits and coffee grounds in the freezer next to their food supply?

Soon after placing a few bags of kitchen garbage into heavy-duty, bear-resistant, steel containers; we went out one morning to find the container knocked over, the lid dislodged and a few bags of garbage strewn across the driveway.  There was even an outline of a large bear paw in the dust on the back of the thing.  Perhaps we should have dusted for paw prints. I would need to consider a few other options before confronting that beast by banging on pots or pans.

Gene Nielsen

Crescent Mills

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