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Letter to the Editor: Hope someone will come forward

I’ m in total agreement with Chris Stanton regarding the loss to the community the closing of Plumas News brings. The importance of having access to news in these small rural communities can not be overstated.

While there is always some value to read of events, entertainment, local news and the many social aspects one appreciates in a small town, the role Plumas News has played during the last couple of years dealing with catastrophic fires, canyon rockslides, highway closures and yet another winter that blind-sided most everyone in the county, many people depended on Plumas News to be a trusted source of information to help them through these events.

I too would be willing to pay to subscribe, but hope that if the end is near, someone with the interest (a passion actually) and the technical knowledge to do so, can carry the torch as an electronic town crier, be it Quincypedia, the Plumas Papers or some organization like the one of the local colleges that may find a ready and eager body of journalism students that might be up to the task, at least I hope so.


Jim Scott

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