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Letter to the Editor: Hope the Sheriff focuses on the entire county

I have read many letters of support for Todd Johns from the residents of Indian Valley. The Dixie Fire undoubtedly has created a bond within all of its victims. Greenville and Indian Valley clearly suffered the most through this tragedy. While my deepest sympathy goes out to you all it was not the only place that was effected by the fires of Plumas County.

My concern is that Mr John’s is only focused on his hometown of Greenville and not the other areas of the county. The Beckwourth Complex destroyed homes on the east end of the county. The Dixie fire covered far beyond Indian Valley and yet that is really all Mr. Johns speaks about.

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the entire county not just one specific area. Furthermore the recovery efforts should be on the board of supervisors not the local Sheriff. The Sheriff should be concerned about their employees and the safety and security of the citizens of Plumas County.

My deepest sympathies to anyone that lost anything during the fires of the last two years. But when looking at the elected position of Sheriff I think it is important we look at the issues that actually pertain to the office. From what I can find rebuilding a town or towns is not in the job description.

I hope the board of supervisors step up and allow whomever wins the Sheriffs position time to do the job they are supposed to be doing. I hope the winner also focuses on the entire county and not just one specific area.

As you receive your ballot please vote wisely. Our local government has the biggest effect on your daily lives. I support Dwight Cline as I think he will take a neutral approach to the office for which he is running for.

Gwenda Hughes
Chilcoot, Ca

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