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Letter to the Editor: How many lies have been told?

Dwight, I want to start by asking the following question. Do you realize how much you proved Mr. Bianco right in your response today?

On another note, and back to my point I made long ago, I originally challenged your voting history and you replied with a letter to the editor announcing you were going to set the record straight by requesting your Nevada voter history. You’ve received that information and gladly shared it in today’s letter to Plumas News. Where is your history from 2010 to 2018? Did you intentionally omit those years from your Nevada records request?

I lodged a formal complaint against you for being registered to vote in Nevada, while still claiming your Plumas County home as your primary residence. If you register to vote in Nevada, you must sign under penalty of perjury that “The residential address listed herein is my sole legal place of residence and I claim no other place as my legal residence” … “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.”

I’ve attached the response letter from the Nevada Secretary of State. The letter states that “… Mr. Cline has no voter history in the state of Nevada and his voter registration has been cancelled.” You provided a screenshot that you claim is your Nevada voter history. You only provided 2 years’ worth. Where did you get this info? Why is the image void of any other detail? Is this really your voter history?

Your Plumas County voter history shows the last time you voted in Plumas County was in the November 2010 election. I ask again, where’s your history from 2010 to 2018? Back to Bianco’s letter. How did you vote for your wife if you haven’t voted in Plumas County since 2010? She wasn’t on the school board back then. That was a lie. You said you voted in every election since you were 18. Seems like that’s also a lie. How many lies have you told, and how many lies are you going to tell if, God forbid, you become Sheriff?

Dwight, your pants are on FIRE!

Rod DeCrona


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