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Letter to the Editor: How would Republicans make Americans’ lives better?

It’s called ‘manufactured selective outrage’. Republican propagandists conduct focus groups, consisting of citizen Republicans, to find out what issues and 3-word slogans affect and rile them up the most. This info is then distributed to the Republican noise machine (e.g. Fox News, the Hannity’s of radio) where it is drilled into the unsophisticated minds of their followers.

It obviously works. ‘Stop the steal’, ‘Lock her up’, ‘Benghazi’, ‘the Border’, ‘regulations’, ‘Law and Order’, and the idiotic ‘Trump Won’ are/were repeated day after day. This includes Trump’s dictate on ‘democrat mayor city murders’. Citizen Republicans blindly believe what they are told to believe.

A response to my Letter on “Poll results” is a prime example of this manufactured selective outrage. A rational and honest person would acknowledge that 8 of 10 states with highest murder rates are controlled by Republicans and wouldn’t have any justification at all to criticize Democratic controlled government entities.

Gas prices were 2nd most important issue in Poll results. This manufactured outrage was directed at President Biden. First, gasoline is a business no different than any other American business. The business sets the price and a US president has no authority to lower prices. American oil companies have over 9,000 land leases to drill upon but refuse to do so. Obviously they won’t drill in American because it is less profitable. But it is Biden’s fault?  No.

The 3rd issue was immigration. The Republican noise machine is constantly decrying ‘open borders’, ‘drugs’, and ‘flying immigrates to American cities at 3 am’. It’s all lies of course. The Border Patrol is doing its job – period. It has apprehended record number of illegal border crossers. A huge drug bust at the border was in the news recently. And it doesn’t help when the right-wing propagandists falsely shout out to the world that ‘America has open borders’ and wonder why South and Central Americans are flocking to the border. But this manufactured outrage also has the added benefit of racism – as in ‘brown people’, which is most likely to true reason for this disgusting immigration outrage.

The writer also states the he vehemently disagrees that “Democrats just want to make all Americans’ lives better”. Please, write a letter informing us how Republicans make American lives better. The Democrats actually have a huge list – maybe a topic for a future letter.

Mark Mihevc



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