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Letter to the Editor: I chose PDH even though I live closer to urban medical centers

Your community has a wonderful asset in Plumas District Hospital! Recently I chose to have some procedures done by Dr. Steen Jensen and nurses Claude, Jessica, Deb and Robin in Outpatient Surgery. Although I live closer to urban medical centers, I selected your facility because of the integrity, personal focus and professionalism by the staff. As a professional nurse myself with over 45 years experience I recognize quality healthcare and enjoyed some of the best at PDH. Thank you, folks!

I encourage residents to use your local District Hospitals such as Plumas and Seneca Healthcare. These types of critical access hospitals are disappearing across the nation and need our support. They provide essential services of a quality that can be much better than any major city medical center!

Rhett Wiggen, CRNA
Lt.Col., ARNG, Ret.

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