Letter to the Editor: I know them both and have listened to them; Todd Johns is the clear choice

My name is Rod DeCrona, and I had the privilege of serving the citizens of Plumas County for thirty-one years, sixteen of which were in administration. As Commander, and Assistant Sheriff over the Patrol Division, and Swat Division, I personally supervised both Sheriff Johns and Dwight Cline. I also recently attended four of the five forums, and the meet and greet in Chester. Character is so very important in this profession, and all of life, and I know both of these men inside and out. I have been in the trenches with them, I lead them there. (No Dwight did not train me) LOL I’ve read all their reports, written their evaluations, disciplined them, wept with them, counseled and cared for them for eighteen years. Experience is also paramount on the list of qualifications. Sheriff Johns has ten years as Administration Sgt, three years as Patrol Commander, and two years as our Sheriff, totaling fifteen years of administration experience. He has two degrees, one in administration of justice, the other in criminal science and is a US Airforce Veteran. Dwight Cline has one year as special operations Sgt., and a high school education. Sheriff Johns was promoted to these positions by different administrations, and our Board of Supervisors for very valid reasons, that have been corroborated by his performance over several years. Most recently he has proven his ability to safeguard us. This is not an unknown. He is proving it first hand, every day, by continuing to lead us through the most horrific tragedy in Plumas County history, all while dealing with pandemic issues. By the way, the Dixie fire (largest wildfire in Ca history) was not a single day event, weeks of unbelievable stress on all of us, and the recovery on so many fronts continues today. I assure you, your Sheriff’s office is on it, and I applaud the entire staff for their tireless efforts.

My critique of the forums is as follows. Dwight Cline told us his motive for running for this office was that he had been contacted by a “number” of unhappy employees over a years and a half’s time. I don’t doubt this, and it is a concern that needs to be delt with. However, he never bothered to convey this information to Sheriff Johns, that bothers me. On to the forums. At the Quincy forum, Dwight Cline’s quote in response to Sheriff Johns update/concerns about Fire and Pandemic was “Thats just great, but the Pandemic and the Fires have been over for quite some time” This comment confirms just how out of touch Dwight Cline is with the reality of running the Office of the Sheriff day by day, and simply not the truth. I would have also expected some compassion. By the way we pride ourselves on powers of observation. There were several fire victims in the audience, and at least five people wearing masks. Dwight Cline also stated we do not have a Reserve program, and then said the ten-million-dollar Sheriff budget was made up of five million from the county and five million from other sources. Neither are true. In response to not spending locally he said he purchased his signs on line ” It’s cheaper”. My investigation revealed that he didn’t get local quotes. How could he know it was cheaper. At the Chester meet and greet, he said Sheriff Johns was incompetent, and self-serving, and criticized him for promoting the idea of a stipend for a Chester resident Deputy. He stated he didn’t need to pay more to have Deputies come to work for him. Then, at the Quincy forum he suggested hiring bonuses. At the Graeagle forum Dwight Cline stated he had voted in every election since he was eighteen years old. Once again, this is simply not the truth. Verified records indicate he has not voted since 2010, in California or Nevada. I’m sure I have missed elections as well, not the point. This pattern of not telling the truth is very disturbing to me, and speaks to this man’s character. How would he be able to testify, under oath, to anything, much less the required oath of this sacred office? These facts are undeniable, they are recorded public record, they should disqualify Cline, they are not the political double talk that you will be hearing from Cline supporters. I urge you to do the research, and look into their motives.

 Dwight Cline would have you to believe that he and Sheriff Johns are very much alike, and that ” This is just a matter of leadership style” this Cline quote is also not the truth. This is a matter of qualifications, character, and tested, proven experience. Todd will tell you he doesn’t have all the answers or this job completely wired, however I can tell you he has the fortitude, will, heart, and spine to persevere as our Sheriff, and to continue to keep us safe. I want to encourage you to contact him with any questions or concerns. The choice has become very clear to me and I hope for you as well. It is without any reservation that I support Todd Johns for Sheriff. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

I sincerely remain in your service,


Rod DeCrona