Letter to the Editor: I support Amy Hendrickson for County Assessor

Plumas County is blessed to have two fine, qualified candidates running for County Assessor.  Both candidates, Amy Hendrickson and Cindie Froggatt are ethical, hard-working, knowledgeable, and committed to the best interests of Plumas County.  To the best of my knowledge, both Amy and Cindie have run good, clean campaigns.

I am voting for Amy Hendrickson because of her energy, enthusiasm, and her ideas to improve the office through weekly staff meetings and advanced training.  I applaud Amy’s determination to run for office and her aspirations to improve the office.
Amy wears another hat in addition to her job at the Assessor’s Office:  Amy runs the Plumas County DROC Meetings on a bi-weekly basis.  DROC is the County’s Disaster Recovery Operations Center that has on-going reports from many different departments and agencies, including FEMA, Cal-OES, Plumas County, and the State of California.  She manages both the presenters and the time clock very well, and she always circulates the minutes of those meetings within a day or so.  Amy has proven her management and leadership skills.
I’ve also seen Amy at functions throughout the County on her days off and on weekends.  While Amy takes her job seriously, she also contributes greatly to the betterment of Plumas County.  I support Amy Hendrickson for the head of the Assessors Office because of her energy, passion, and ideas to improve her office.  I encourage others to consider supporting her.
Clint Koble, Resident
Hamilton Branch