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Letter to the Editor: If you want to feel uninspired…

As a county employee what can I say. I just watched the BOS meeting, link here https://www.plumascounty.us/418/Clerk-of-the-Board-of-Supervisors) and I ask myself, how can such beautiful place that is so inspiring be led by a board of “supervisors” that is so inadequate, indifferent and inept.

Our county “supervisors” don’t seem to know what is going on whether it’s budget, county morale or anything other than what serves their needs. I applaud Ava Hagwood for advocating for all county employees and her tireless effort at getting real stories across. Her passion for her community has not changed any minds on a board that needs fresh ideas, vision and drive. We have the potential to be a great place, to be a county where living wages are offered, families can thrive, and talent is abundant. But we do NOT have the leadership to get us there.

Just a reminder we hold the power…https://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov/recalls/recall-procedures-guide.pdf
Did someone say recall?

Christopher Rouse
Indian Valley

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