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Letter to the Editor: I’ll be reporting to work Speaker McCarthy

Republican House Speaker McCarthy wants to institute work requirements for people to receive their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP benefits in exchange for not crashing the global economy.

McCarthy: “What work requirements do is help people get a job. Every data point shows that it helps people move forward. So…the public wants it, both parties want it…the idea that they want to put us into a default because they will not work with us on that is ludicrous.”

Me: Okay McCarthy. I will be sending my adult daughter to Kevin Kiley’s office to report to work tomorrow. She likes Sesame Street, so make sure it is playing, or she WILL have a meltdown. She also needs her diaper changed every three hours. Yeah, I know she is 20 years old, but you want her to work, and Kevin agreed with you, so I’m sure Kevin will figure it out. I require that female staff step-up on that one, but they may need help lifting her. Kevin will have to hand feed her lunch also. I will pack it for her since I’m sure you don’t want to pay for that. Kevin might have to miss his lunch hour at the club though. She doesn’t see very well, but if you put some paper in her lap she might scrunch it all up for you, and you can count that as work.

OR..here is just a really ludicrous idea McCarthy…quit using the disabled as your pawns and raise the debt ceiling!

P.S. See you tomorrow, Kevin Kiley, bright and early and on time for work.

Kathy Wickman,

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