Letter to the Editor: In response … now get out there and vote wisely

First Kathy I apologize for my delayed response, I work two jobs have 3 kids and volunteer for several community organizations and simply have not had the time to address your second letter. I will now do my best to answer what I can from both.

To clarify I am not working for any campaign. Any statements I make or have made I do so as a private citizen without any affiliation to the department or any campaign.

When this campaign began I was not going to say a word until I saw other members like the Undersheriff and other employees showing up at forums and posting on social media. If they were allowed to speak up then I should be allowed to as well. It now is clear that what is ok for one side is clearly not ok for the other. Again do as I say not as I do is a practice that has been experienced throughout the current administration.

You asked how I believe Mr Cline would handle what you call “backlash” due to the current political campaign. I believe Mr Cline possesses the leadership skills to lead the department through any problem or catastrophe. His servant leadership style that he has spoke about numerous times allows him to listen to the employees that are most effected and make balanced decisions to their benefit not his own. The fact that the current sheriff has allowed anyone that speaks out against him to be attacked by his team is sad and a perfect example of the lack of support many of the employees feel. Instead of taking criticism and using it to change and adapt there’s a lot of tossing things to the side and just labeling people disgruntled employees all while not taking any accountability. In my opinion I do not think Mr Cline would allow any of his employees to be talked bad about no matter where they stood on the political line. In fact Mr Cline has been very respectful towards his opponent during this entire campaign and I think that speaks volumes for the type of person he is. Dwight was retired and came back to run for this office because he wanted to stand up for the employees that felt like they had no where else to turn after they had exhausted all other avenues.


You also mentioned grant writing and I know both candidates have done grant writing but I can not speak on specifics. Both candidates also have varying connections with outside agencies. In this type of work no one works alone. It’s a team effort in the department. The fiscal officer has a huge part of the budgetary process Todd John’s is by no means doing that on his own. He is also not securing body cameras on his own. Unfortunately there is no perfect or right answer for the current housing or hiring crisis going on. Both candidates have ideas on how to approach this but there is no way to know if either will work.

I am not telling you or anyone how to vote. I was simply trying to help you and anyone else by clarifying a few questions you had from that original letter and radio interview. The fact is there are two sides to every story. What you see one way I may see in another. I think it is important that all voters look at both sides of the issues. I know that’s what I do when it comes to any candidate or political action I am asked to vote on. I will encourage the voters of Plumas County to support Dwight Cline as I believe he is the best man for the job and in this particular election I am effected by the results a little more so than usual. However, you and the voters can take that advice or leave it. You can choose to believe one side or the other that is the beauty of democracy.

Thank you for being an engaged voter. Now get out there and vote wisely!

Cassie Lavley
Quincy, Ca