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Letter to the Editor: In response to a writer from Nevada City

There are many ways to look at things, if anybody had an influence of dividing this country it is Trump. His labeling and name calling belittled the citizens of this country and the countries of the world. His positive accomplishments do not out weigh his negative doings. There were a couple of candidates for the Republican party in 2016 who have done more good for this country and there would be no question about the outcome of this election, but that is water under the bridge. On Veterans Day when the news showed views of the national cemeteries, my nephew and two brother in-laws are there they are not losers or suckers. I resent being called a communist or socialist, since I am an American I got lucky and survived the military. As long as this mindset is here maybe you should try another look into your perception of things.

Duane Vander Veen


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