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Letter to the Editor: In response to Jay


A few comments about your response to Faith. She never said you or any particular people are neo-Nazis, but that large elements of the Republican Party ARE very, shall we say, autocratic. That is absolutely true and they are not even trying to hide it. This is not “Berkeley babble” but simply accounting for what is happening with the Republican Party and their election denying candidates who are running for office today. You can’t deny it because these candidates are openly running on the issue, which is a total lie. If you actually believe the lie then it is you who has lost faith in our country based on the words of one man that has spread like a virus (becoming a “playbook” for most, but not all, Republican candidates) with ZERO proof. We fought WWII for the RIGHT to have differing opinions. If you want to live in a country where you “keep your opinions to yourself” you might look into the possibility that you could move to Russia, a country more aligned with your thinking.

Dan Hopkins


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