Letter to the Editor: In response to Mr. Cavanaugh

Regarding your letter of May 9, I wanted to address some false information you have provided. I am not a retired “deputy” I am a retired Administrative Sergeant. I spent over half of my 33 year career in supervisory positions, having supervised or trained everyone on the department at some point when I retired. I never admitted to not having supervised anyone? I even trained and supervised Todd Johns at one point in his career. My supervision style is what the employees and why many members of the public, including parents of PCSO deputies remember and why they have supported my return. The term “disgruntled” employees was used by Mr. Johns in an attempt to minimize the fact that a majority of the employees are supporting me. I have addressed the other issues you speak of in your letter publicly and in social media and on my website. I respect that you are supporting Mr. Johns, but spreading false information about me to garner support to him, only puts your credibility in question by people who know the facts.

Dwight Cline
Portola, CA
Candidate for Plumas County Sheriff