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Letter to the Editor: In response to property owner’s question

Dear Mr. Quinby:

In regards to your Letter to the Editor regarding your property on Hideway Road in Greenville:

While I would not typically talk about a Taxpayer’s particular situation in the newspaper, I do wish to respond to your Letter to the Editor.

When a property is acquired, a market value is determined by our office by utilizing a market analysis.This establishes the Proposition 13 Base Year Value.  There is a rebuttable presumption that the purchase price represents the market value.  However, this is not always the case.  At the time of purchase, we enrolled the purchase price as the Proposition 13 Base Year value on your property.

Proposition 8 entitles the taxpayer the benefit of being assessed at either the Proposition 13 Base Year Value or the Current Market Value, whichever is lower as of a particular tax Lien Date (January 1 each year) in the case of declining market conditions.

When the fire occurred, Revenue & Taxation Code Section 170 allowed us to remove the improvement value(s) only.  Our office worked very hard to complete this process promptly, to avoid mailing tax bills for improvements that had been lost in the fire. The following lien date, 1/1/2022, we reviewed the sales in the Indian Valley area that occurred between 1/1/2021 and 3/31/2022.  Those sales allowed us to evaluate the land values as of the 1/1/2022 Lien Date..  After evaluating the limited sales data available, we are unable to see any evidence that would allow us to reduce the land values for this Lien Date, 1/1/2022.  However, we have flagged your parcel along with others effected by the fire, to be reviewed annually for the foreseeable future.  Adjustments will be made as additional market data becomes available to support that.  Our office will welcome any market data you can provide that would assist us in this analysis.  This analysis is typically done in April or May each year as the law allows us to use sales data up to 90 days after the statutory Lien Date.

All properties involved in the fires have been put into a Proposition 8 status, with unique coding – which means that they will be reviewed every year.  If the data shows that the value(s) have decreased, we will make an adjustment at that time.  In a Calamity event of this type, it often takes some time for the market to react.  Our office will continue to monitor the market as allowed by law, and make adjustments as the data dictates.

I encourage you to complete a “Request for Decline in Value Review Form” from our website at plumascounty.us.  This form provides you with important resources to assist us in reviewing your value.  You may also complete and submit a “Changed Assessment Appeal Form” between July 1st and November 30, 2022, this form can be found on the County website at plumascounty.us, click on Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and select Forms.

As always, feel free to contact me in the event you have further questions.

Thank you,

Cindie Froggatt

Plumas County Assessor

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