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Letter to the Editor: In response to Skeels’ experience

I found myself getting frustrated just reading your account. A perfect example of how inefficient online communication can be in an effort to centralize/streamline/condense information into “computereez.” It would seem that if you were in the system to receive a payment, the card number would be referenced somewhere in your notice letter. If not that goes further to my point that “Someone” was not paying attention.

Perhaps contacting KCRA Sacramento News with your story would get some attention. Sounds like just the thing that needs to be addressed by some “officials.”

Also, if it were my situation. I’d be writing to President Biden, right on down the line. These stimulus payments are now his baby. Granted previous payments come under the Trump administration which may be the problem in a nutshell. Those who really need this stimulus, it’s a kick in the gut. For so, so many months, people have been hoping for a way out and then to run into this kind of roadblock. Those who write these programs for ‘on-line ‘ “application” could stop a minute and try to work through their program.

I can only hope problems like this do not carry over to the new administration.

Dee Kelly


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