Letter to the Editor: In response to the reprinted article – we all share the blame

We all share the blame. Besides being so incredibly saddened and sickened by this article of the intimidation and bullying it reports I am disgusted with our elected officials who are so busy taking sides, putting their own narrow, personal opinions ahead of what is in the best interest for the country as a “whole.”  “To serve and protect,” only when it’s convenient.
It is so unbelievable that humanity has sunken to such a low level — unfortunately, I don’t believe for an instant that this reporting has been exaggerated having watched some of the video coverage of the Nation’s Capital siege on January 6; saw the insanity on the faces of the mob; listened to the raves from seemingly otherwise reasonable citizens.  I felt like I was watching  Hollywood action/extravaganza.  It still seems surreal, even more so after reading this article

Sadly, I think the United States of America is rotting from within. The cure for this ‘dis-ease’ may be too slow in coming.
It has to be the responsibility of every American to stop this rot. What has happened to the conscience of this Nation?…….that  WE its citizens, are allowing this to happen. We all have a voice, a VOTE —use it to stop this disease. Shouldn’t  there be more of us who are appalled by what’s happening?  The trampling of one’s civil rights……we are a still Democracy after all!! But it seems there are some who voted for authoritarianism.
Dee Kelly