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Letter to the Editor: It’s best when votes are earned; I support Todd Johns

I’ve been watching the campaign for Sheriff closely, it’s heating up, and that’s when it gets interesting, and should anyway. It takes me back to when I first ran for public office and was elected to the Plumas County Board of Education, (school board), and then later, elected to the Plumas County Board of supervisors, all from my home district of Indian Valley; in so doing, my entire life became a subject for public scrutiny, as it always is when one steps up to run for any public office. I won my elections, except for the last one, which was for county clerk, but, by then, I was divorced, my kids were raised, and I was attending college, part time, but I was well qualified, as was my opponent.

Later on, while attending Feather River College, I had the honor of being awarded the California State Assembly Commendation for excellence in the study of “Administration of Justice,” I was striving to eventually, go to Law School, but I didn’t quite make it, time got away from me, but I was at the door, when I was in an auto accident, and that put an end to my educational striving. It was, however, much earlier, in public office where I learned what it takes to continually, earn the public trust. When you can vote based on learned observation, then you’re one step ahead in making a choice; not to say that any opponent is not well qualified, but it’s best when the votes are earned. I wish Plumas County, another term of Todd Johns at the helm.

Nansi Bohne


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