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Letter to the Editor: It’s gettin’ hot

Holy Batman, record temps in the US and Europe, people collapsing, and dying, rightwing Texas power grid fails again, Lake Powell is going away, hyper hot sidewalks, crops not flourishing!  What should we do.  Well, the Republican party has chosen to ignore all this and concentrate on “stop the steal”.  Global warming will not stop.  104 in London today; 124 in London in 2032.  The heat will continue to rise, and that’s ok with the party of death (you know, school shootings).  They are so stupid they think a survivable change (get off oil and coal)  in our economy is not manageable but unsurvivable temperatures in a few years is just fine.

Buy property in Antartica.  Now, while the gettin’ is good.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA and Sparks, NV


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