Letter to the Editor: It’s just country dirt — leave it alone!

Lead, arsenic and mercury have been discovered in Greenville Ca. They were never lost! Right where the Old Timers left them. So we scrape the soil to remove the ash that might be bad for us and find heavy metals that are bad for us? That’s what you call Country Dirt. I think we should test myself and John Hunter we grew up in it.

If we ain’t got sick from it , you won’t. So what are we to do? Probably spend a few million on drilling, sampling and writing reports to find out we should just leave it alone and not eat it. But I guess if we are going to test the soil we will need to test everywhere the soil from the Street Scrape was taken… Some to ranchers some here some there and quite a bit is under our new temporary Annex for the IVCSD and sheriff substation. I played in it, slept in it, swam/swum in it, worked in it! It is just country dirt leave it alone.

Randy Hovland