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Letter to the Editor: It’s just numbers, numbers; Do something in Plumas County

Why don’t you guys do something about the Covid outbreak here in Plumas … Not just talk or write about it …. tighten back up face masks, staying at home; put the curfews back.

Do something Plumas County. I’m in Quincy and too many people are getting sick. I’m not worried about myself because I hate life anyway but I am concerned about the little ones and the elderly getting sick because of stupid people not staying home. Plumas tighten things back up. Others are doing it or does Plumas not give a crap except numbers. You should care about the residents…if I don’t hear back or nothing is done I will then understand that Plumas doesn’t really care about the residents and only printing numbers numbers numbers. Who cares about the percentage or how many number positives do something before more die because you can’t tighten things back up or care to..it’s still a long road to go how many more have to get sick or DIE before something is Done. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

Tina D’Addario


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