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Letter to the Editor: It’s not the taxes, it’s the “temp” additions

In response to “the blame is on us.” The writer brings up some very good points. Raising property taxes would benefit our county services. These services are vital. I would support this, yet there is also hesitancy here, on my part, reflecting on the past. I am looking at my property tax bill right now, and I question why over 30 years later I am still paying for the construction of a county sewer system (I don’t believe that was agreed upon), and why am I paying for the Quincy Volunteer Fire Department years later, after I agreed to pay one year for the purchase of a new fire truck. Where is the money going? It is no small amount.

My property taxes are actually quite small in comparison to the additions tacked on that were supposed to be “temporary”. That is where my reluctance lies in additional taxes. Maybe it’s more about the priorities we as taxpayers commit to, that need to be reviewed. If we need law enforcement and county services do we really need 3 fire response vehicles plus 2 ambulances showing up at every emergency call? Why am I paying so much on my American Valley Service District bill for sewer along with these taxes levied on me? Maybe someone can explain this to me. It seems to me that if we put just these two measures alone on ice, and redirected funds we could solve our problem. Am I wrong?

Kathy Wickman

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