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Letter to the Editor: Job well done at vaccine clinic

So grateful for the great job Plumas County Public Health Agency did today, March 20th, with the vaccination clinic. We were two of the people that showed up early and waited outside in line for a chance at one of the extra doses of the vaccine, and grateful we both recieved one. A big shout out to Lori Beatley, her staff and all the volunteers, she did an excellent job of keeping us informed and getting us in once she knew there would be availablity for those of us without an appointment.  Arm is a little sore, but our spirits are high for being one step closer to being fully vaccinated against covid.  The one thing we hadn’t gotten on our paperwork was time and date to return for our second shot…so thank you for posting that online today it will save me from calling PCPHA on Monday.

Helen Shadowen


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