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Letter to the Editor: Jobs under Democrats

Thanks to President Biden and the Democrats, 678,000 jobs were created in February bringing the total to approximately 7.27 million jobs since his inauguration. The unemployment rate fell to 3.8%. The #BidenBoom continues!

Large gains in jobs creation are standard when Democrats are in control, just as large reductions in jobs are standard when Republicans are in control. Recent Presidents’ HW Bush and W Bush barely created any jobs (+0.61% and + 0.13% respectively) and Trump actually had a net loss of jobs (-.51%). Only Nixon and Reagan had acceptable job numbers (2.25% and 2.06% respectively) but President Carter beat both of them in job creation with 3.06%.

You would think President Biden’s approval ratings would be very high but they are not. Biden’s State of the Union speech did have a big impact – up 8 points to 47%. But then again, Trump’s highest rating was 49% with an average of 41% overall. And this is only Biden’s first year.

Our inflation, which is a global problem, is caused by many factors. The pandemic is considered a primary cause. Businesses temporarily closed and/or had fewer customers. They still made profit as our government gave them taxpayer dollars.

Another cause is that America must import finished goods and parts because our government made it more profitable for companies to move factories overseas. Millions of Americans lost their good paying jobs because of this.

President Reagan and every president afterwards stopped enforcing the anti-monopoly laws. Americans pay the most for Internet, mobile phone communications, food, drugs, and healthcare because there is little to no competition. There use to be gasoline price wars because there was competition.

Congress and the President are supposed to protect American consumers, but instead only protect businesses so they can have windfall profits. Unless you want to try wage and/or price controls again, a president can’t do anything about inflation. Remember, it is greedy corporations that raises prices and they all made out like bandits.

It is said that the economy and the pocketbook are what drives Americans to vote for a particular party and their politicians. Democrats always make American lives better with employment and domestic needs like affordable healthcare. While Republicans don’t do anything to help Americans and only give tax cuts to the rich and remove consumer and environmental protections (regulations) so that corporations can make more profit.

I’ll never understand that disconnect, and how Republicans could win any election at all.

Mark Mihevc




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