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Letter to the Editor: Johns has the character and the experience

It is my distinct pleasure to officially endorse Todd Johns for re-election as Plumas County Sheriff in the 2022 election.

I can say with confidence that there is no one better suited for the job.  Todd’s professional experience and accomplishments in the law enforcement world speak for them selves.  He has held almost every title and worn almost every hat for the department, and he has done so with nothing but pride, dignity and competence.

Shortly after being appointed Sheriff in the previous term, Todd was faced with unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 epidemic bringing the county he loves to a halt, and soon after that, with the Dixie fire burning through and destroying much of the same Plumas County.  Todd handled both of these situations as well as anyone could.  In fact, not only did he handle both situations and everything in between with grace and confidence, but he navigated them both in a way that clearly showed his constituents his love for his community and illustrated his ability and desire to always go above and beyond for the people of Plumas County and to lead them in overcoming anything that may come their way.

Aside from his professional experience and accomplishments, Todd also possesses a rare quality that may be even more important and central to success as Plumas County Sheriff.  He was born and raised in Greenville, which sits directly in the center of the county.  He still lives there today, and he radiates an abundance of  joy, pride, and excitement for his home county even when not on the job.  There is no one more proud of their roots as a Plumas County resident, nor is there anyone more excited or determined to help see the people and businesses of the county succeed.  This is abundantly clear to anyone who may be in Todd’s presence personally or professionally.

Finally, I would like to say to anyone that does not know Todd as a person that he is nothing short of an upstanding person and citizen.  He possesses the highest moral character, and would literally give the shirt off of his back to anyone in need.  These are qualities that come to be obvious whether you are around Todd as Plumas County Sheriff or if you were to run into him in a grocery store far from Plumas County many years from now.  They are simply engrained qualities that are in him, and these qualities are expressed in a way that is rare these days.  Simply put he is a fantastic human being that cares for others as much as he cares for himself.

Again, no one is better suited for the position of Plumas County Sheriff in 2022 than Todd Johns.  He is the obvious choice for the job, and as a business owner in Plumas County, as well as someone who is lucky enough to have known and called Todd a friend for many years, I pridefully and without hesitation give him my full endorsement in the upcoming election.

Kaley Bentz

Owner, Riley’s Jerky

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