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Letter to the Editor: Just WOW!

Let’s just start by saying WOW!

Greg Hagwood, do you believe your sheriff election endorsements by you are genuinely productive? I would personally be embarrassed if I were Candidate Cline.

But, now everyone is starting to see the reality and realize that your false promises and lack of leadership skills were consistently and common under your command.
Funny how a gentlemen who has been in Hagwood’s chair with two years and growing under his belt that’s dealt with a World Pandemic and fires that destroyed half our County and his home town and now everything that’s been failing is his fault?
Just wow!

Where were you in the recent crisis of the pandemic and the largest fire Greg Hagwood? Where were you?
You were freshly elected by the community to lead but, as times progressed into crisis and devastation in our County.
Nothing but, silence towards the public, during the trauma and destruction crickets as we like to say.

Where do you stand with all the other issues within our County? I’ll just be patient for a response and trust me… I won’t hold my breath.

Your history of leadership has not been successful as far as “lead by example”.
And now a single individual is taking the heat of your careers failures over many years and your jumping out there and helping point the finger… pretty classy Hagwood!

What we should be seeking in a leader is someone who doesn’t just preach but, follows through with actions and can show our County how to positively take charge.

I personally know Johns and feel he’s a great standup friend and person.
From what I have read and what is being elaborated from a large percentage of department employees that they don’t feel the same. Which I find concerning. Therefore, I ask all the community no, matter who you are leaning towards.
Make your decision based on the elected position.

I reached out to our Sheriff and had a sit down with him personally and asked question regarding most accusations and claims by the community and individual attacking the candidate. I was shocked by the information he was gladly willing to share with me about the facts of the matters and reasoning behind them and the actual truth.
And don’t get your underwear all ruffled and look for ammo!
He was very professional and not a name was used or assumption present.
And what I heard was far from what everyone is saying and accusing him of.
I think even people working in the department don’t even know the laws and or the protocols for a lot of these issues they claim.
But at this point anything anyone says isn’t going to matter cause it’s all second hand information spread like the wildfire that took a huge majority of our community last year

All I’m saying is instead of jumping on the campaign bus and yelling and shouting and picking side … read actual facts and talk to the individuals not just the employees who are anti campaigning and stop hiding under rocks being influenced by opinion and not facts
Leave your personal feelings and opinions out of the equation and choose a leader, a person that can make a difference.
There will be failure and mistakes in life . A good leader learns, makes changes and charges forward.
Cline came to my residence and seemed like a great person, talked to me a bit about what he thought should happen if elected.
Sounded good, as most candidates do, right up until they’re elected. What concerns me, is he was an employee during the time of County crisis, that was questionably handled.
This department has a lot of questionable history.

When a candidate is being endorsed by a individual who has never really shown history of nothing but lies and fake promises and makes public statements about one of his departments heads that he could of Easily been a leader and addressed personally within! Instead of using the information and making a statement to help sink a fellow community leader no matter what the position was.
That was cowardly and shows his true colors!

We all should all be working together and trying to improve our community and our departments and our staffing leadership.
And that individual should be concentrating on the task he was sadly voted in for instead of trying to add his two cents into for a department he already failed leading.
And in reality the individual he’s criticizing is trying to clean up his giant pile of failure from his career of being the ring leader of the good ole boys club.

Do your research, look into your candidates; look into who you think will be the best for the POSITION and leave your personal feelings out of it.
We need change, we need leadership, we need strength and most of all… we need trust.
History needs to stop repeating its self.
This department’s been a sinking ship for a long time.
And it’s not from just two years of the current appointed individual

Also I advise you to think about being the person in charge of decision of a World Pandemic that no one has ever experienced before and then throw in watching our towns and communities burn to the ground.

The individual in place did a pretty fair job in my opinion.

Kinda hard to show you change during two of the most mentally challenging years to date don’t you think?

Keith Barnett


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